2020|01 Shortlisted at the "Sony World Photo Awards 2020".
2020|01 "German Photographer of the Year" and 3rd place in "Best 5 Images" at Wordshootout 2019.
2020|01 2nd place in Wide-Angle and 2nd place and Coldwater category at the Ocean Art Contest 2019.
2019|08 Highlight at "Glanzlichter 2019" in the "Magnificent Wilderness" category.
2019|02 "Underwater Photography book of the Year 2019" at UPY London.
2019|02 2nd place in the wreck category at UPY London.
2019|02 1st and 2nd place at FestiSub 2019 in "Ice" category.
2019|01 2nd place at Ocean Art 2019 in "Reefscapes" category.
2018|02 "Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018" at UPY London.
2018|02 1st and 3rd place in the wreck category at UPY London.
2017|12 2nd place & Honorable mention at Chromatic Photo Awards 2017.
2017|08 Honorary mention at OASIS photo contest 2017.
2017|05 Runner Up at Ocean Geographic 2017 contest at seascapes w. models category. 
2017|03 1st place portfolio award at PAV Tachov 2017.
2017|03 1st place black & white photography at PAV Tachov 2017.
2017|03 Top photo award at PAV Tachov 2017.
2017|02 1st and 3rd place category "animals" at Foto Forum Award 2017.
2017|01 1st place "macro" category at Worldshootout 2016.
2017|01 3rd place "Best five" category at Worldshootout 2016.
2016|03 Commented at UPY London 2016 in Wideangle category.
2016|01 3rd place "Wideangle" category at Worldshootout 2015.
2015|11 Finalist at CANON Iconic images competition 2015. 
2015|03 1st and 3rd place at Underwater Photographer of the Year UPY 2015 London in International Wrecks category as well as Commented place in Internantional Macro category.
2015|02 3rd place in Sea Trio category at FestiSub 2015 contest.
2014|06 Finalist at the Save our Seas Photography Grant 2014
2014|05 1st and 3rd place at SCUBACAM 2014 in Colour Marine and Ocean category as well as 2nd place in Freshwater, 2nd place in Colour Macro, 3rd place in EcoPhoto and 3rd place in Black and White category. 
2013|12 2nd place at Ocean Art Contest in Cold Water category. 
2013|11 3rd place at Worldshootout in SHARKS category. 
2013|04 2nd place at Acqua 2013 Roma in Portfolio & Behaviour category. 
2012|11 1st place at HP Red Sea in FISH & FASHION category. 
2012|11 1st place at Worldshootout 2012 in SHARKS category. 
2012|10 2nd place at Festival de sous marine Marseille in Color category. 
2012|10 3rd place at Festival de sous marine Marseille in Portfolio category. 
2012|05 9th & 10th place at Ocean Views 2012.
2012|04 1st place in "Pairs of Animals" category at Glanzlichter 2012 – Fuerstenfelder Naturfototage.
2012|04 2nd place at PAF Tachov 2012 in the fresh water category.
2012|03 1st and 3rd place in 'Duo Sea' category at FestiSub 2012 contest.
2011|12 "Best of Show" at the 2011 Ocean Art Photo Contest. 1st place Wide Angle and 2nd place Coldwater category.
2011|10 1st place "Salzkammergut UW-Trophy" and 2nd place Overall ranking at the UW Photo Days 2011 Attersee.
2011|10 1st and 2nd place at the monthly Dive Photo Guide contest with the topic "Blue Water".
2011|09 Special Commendation and Honour of Destinction at the Celebrate the Sea Festival 2011 in Singapore.
2011|05 1st place at the Festival Trebeurden at the Wreck Ambiance & Wreck Portfolio category. 2nd place at the Wreck Bio category & public vote winner.
2011|04 Best Overall at the University Miami Rosenstiel School Underwater Photography contest.
2011|03 1st place at the Beneath the Sea 2011 competition in the Macro / Closeup category.
2010|11 1st place at the Epson Red Sea 2010 Eilat Shootout in the "Mayor's Prize" category & Competition Album Cover.
2010|11 1st place at the Epson Red Sea 2010 Eilat Shootout in the "Fish of the Year" category.
2010|11 1st place at the Epson Red Sea 2010 Images of the World competition in the "Best Wreck black & white" category.
2010|11 Winner model category at the NELOS Festival 2010.
2010|10 1st place at the UW Photo Days 2010 live shootout at the Attersee in Austria.
2010|09 3rd place at the Visions contest from the 'unterwasser' magazine. Topic was 'Fisheye'.
2010|03 3rd place at the Visions contest from the 'unterwasser' magazine. Topic was 'waste as artificial habitat'.
2010|03 3rd place at the Beneath the Sea 2010 competition in the 'General' category.
2010|02 2nd place at the FestiSub 2010 festival.
2009|11 1st place at the Epson Red Sea 2009 Images of the world competition in the "Best Wreck" category.
2009|09 1st place (jury winner) in the monthly Tauchen online contest.
2009|06 2nd place in the Amateurs category at the Aphrodite Cyprus Live-shootout in Larnaca, Cyprus.
2009|02 1st place at the Beneath The Sea international competition in the Point & Shoot Category. 
2008|12 2nd place at the SEA & SEA 2008 calendar contest in the "SNAP" category. 
2008|04 1st place in the Wide Angle Photography Category of the 4th Eastern Mediterranean International Underwater Photography and Film Festival 2008. 
2008|03 2nd place in the Scubapro Young Category at the British Underwater Image Festival 2008.
2008|03 2nd place at the Portfolio contest from the nullzeit Magazin & 
2007|10 One of my pictures reached the final stage at the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the year.  
2006|12 2nd place at the Unterwasser Visions contest November.