BELOW SURFACE - Life in the Ocean

Multi-Media-Live-Show available in german and english and 100 minutes long.

On his expeditions into the depths of the world's oceans, Tobias Friedrich portrays marine life in all its abundance. The multi-award-winning underwater photographer is looking for challenges and pushes the limits of what is possible for the perfect picture. In his extraordinary live show "BELOW SURFACE - Life in the Ocean" he talks about spectacular images and takes the audience on a fascinating journey into the mysterious world beneath the surface of the sea. Tobias Friedrich's adventurous diving expeditions take him to various regions of the world several times a year. He always has an underwater camera in his luggage, because for him diving is inextricably linked with photography. He took pictures of orcas hunting in the fjords of Norway, portrayed giant mantas in the waters of the Maldives, got up close and personal with a humpback whale in the Arabian Sea and got lost in the depths of sunken ships from bygone times. In addition to the giants of the oceans, it also includes the small, shimmering, colorful sea creatures in the viewfinder, which are particularly rich in species in the marine cosmos of Indonesia. In search of unusual motifs and new perspectives, he explores the physical and technical limits and does not shy away from major challenges. In the Arctic, he plunged into minus two degrees cold water to photograph the majestic icebergs half above and half under water. When diving at night, he was dropped off in the open ocean to take pictures of fantastic deep-sea creatures drawn by the light from his headlights. In French Polynesia, he dived in the tropical waters of the South Pacific side by side with huge humpback whales, which raise their calves there, and then found himself in the water with hundreds of gray reef sharks. Tobias Friedrich gives a captivating report of his most exciting experiences under the water surface, shows the multifaceted beauty of marine life and at the same time grants exciting insights into the work of a passionate underwater photographer. An outstanding report for the whole family, full of magic and with a lot of depth.

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