Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets - get your underwater image edited in under one minute!

The Lightroom Presets for Underwater Photography are a workflow based set of several modules. Step by step you can adjust your underwater images and find the right setting for each individual image very easily. The Lightroom Presets are a basic setup to get your underwater images postproduced as fast as possible into a great look. This is a great start if you are new to underwater photography and still unsure how to edit your images in Lightroom. Advanced photographers profit as well. It gives your images a good first draft and then you can continue individually from there.

The Lightroom Presets contain one "standard" look to get your underwater images look in no time. Additionally and depending on the Preset there are additional looks to adjust your images in a more sophisticated, different and creative grading.

All presets include various modules that are based on the topic of the preset, i.e. WIDEANGLE or MACRO. You can find further details in the shop.

All preset are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC, and Classic CC as well as the Lightroom mobile app on iOS and Android (XMP and lrtemplate files included).

The installation of the presets will only take a couple of minutes - a "how to install" document will be included in the purchased package.

The packages don't include any software (i.e. Adobe Lightroom Classic) - only the Presets. You need to buy the software separately at:

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Here is a tutorial on YouTube about how you can install and use the Lightroom Presets.



Customer Reviews

Erik K F Goossens

"I've been privileged to test Tobias Friedrich's newest "Lightroom Presets": I am not a beginner with LR but can confirm that these presets are installed very easily and will make your post production work a lot faster! They will help you reach a higher level of creativity and are worth every Eurocent! I know Tobias has spent a lot of time in this project and can highly recommend both preset collections (one for macro and one for wide angle): Working with presets in LR will definitely improve both novices and more experienced users, unleashing the many advantages of 'preset power' Don't take my word, if you need more proof, check Instagram and yes I fully admit, I also use (presets in) Lightroom because I'm taking UW-photography as a very important instrument in ocean advocacy!)"

Lars von Ritter Zahony

"A real highlight for me are Tobias Friedrichs presets. I was able to optimize my Lightroom workflows easily and purposefully. So now I can quickly and easily achieve the results I want. I don't want to miss these presets anymore and so these are now definitely one of my “standard” tools for post-processing."

Brent Durand

"I really love the approach to the presets and organization – with each preset cataloged in an order that makes sense based on the primary effect. Nice and neat. As a paid product there are a lot of options, so I imagine the purchaser will be happy with the variety and spend a lot of time experimenting – exactly what they’re looking for in making the purchase."

Ortwin Khan

"The idea of using presets never came to my mind before. When I got to know Tobi`s Wideangle-Presets I realized that working on pictures can be so much easier with the proper tool. The structure of this collection is highly organized and one can start using it without more than a few seconds of orientation. Just trying different presets gets you to new ways to look on your one work and opens the mind to new perspectives. Life gets much easier and the results are surprising ! I can definitely recommend this tool and will right now get my set of Macro-Presets to try them also."

Update December 2020:

"I was already very positively surprised about the use of the Macro and Wideangle-Presets Tobias has created. With this new collection of setups for Black-and-White-Photography and with his set „Green-Water“ I once more wonder how he manages to make other photographers lives so much easier. Great compliment…… the new tools will find a continuous place in my workflow!"

Markus Roth

"If you want to speed up your post production Tobias‘ Lightroom presets should be your preferred tool. The handling is very intuitive and tue results are stunning."

Jose Castellano Garrido

"I never had edited in B&W so it has been something new to me and as a newbie, I have to say that I find the settings really useful and easy to use. I did try also editing myself without the settings and it was a bit more complicated, so it did help a lot."

Jose's Website:

Mike Veitch

"I like the presets, saves me time! Highly recommended!"