I have provided underwater photography workshops for over a decade. Many of my students have returned multiple times.

So far I have only received positive feedback and a great vibe from the participants. Several of these photographers even won contests with images taken during these workshops.

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Christian Horras

"Attending to Tobias workshops has really helped me to take my underwater photography to a new level. The dive trips are specially dedicated to underwater photography which will give you the best possibilities to get the most out of the destination, theory lessons will cover everything from the basics to advanced technics and the image review sessions are really helpful to improve your pictures further on. Tobias is very passionate about his workshops and is happy to help everyone of his students to get better pictures. I highly recommend his workshops!"

Helene-Julie Zofia Paamand

"Tobias has managed something, that is worth his reputation. As a hardworking photographer, he has merged his passion into a professional business. This reflects in his workshops, where his experience is translated into thorough presentations and post-dive evaluations. There is no pressure, nor do you need to feel starstruck. Every level is welcome, and every aspect of underwater photography can be covered, depending on your needs. For me personally, it was a chance to take myself and my photography seriously - because Tobias did: “Are you a mostly a photographer or a diver?” This was one of the questions Tobias knew that I needed to answer for myself early on. The workshop is not only hands-on tips, it is also your chance to find out where you want your photography to take you.
The intensity is high, but the knowledge will not manifest itself at once. You will be left with ingredients enough to last a while. Two years after, I still find myself taking images, where I can see the teachings of Tobias in them. The long-lasting effect of the workshop has enabled me to develop my own style parallel to the tips getting applicated.
If you are interested in my journey as a diver, photographer and ocean warrior, please visit"

Antje und Roland Schultner

"As repeaters, we would like to give a short feedback on Tobias' workshops. We were enthusiastic specifically about the briefings before the dives, the support under water and the discussions about the results. Tobias gave us a lot of tips and suggestions for the composition and creative use of artificial light with lamps or strobes. His courses are professional, compact, very structured, committed and personal, with plenty of room for individual needs."

Britta Gross

"Best decision ever …
I wasn’t sure if I needed more experience with the camera before a workshop, but Tobias picked everyone up right where they were. He took the time to explain everything, every question was welcome and got answered.
Tobias seems to know the Red Sea by heart, especially the Thistlegorm. He guided us to use different lamps for the photos in order to get creative lighting. Tobias gave photo briefings before the dives and spend time with the participants in the evening to review photos and work with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
Even though the level of knowledge of the participants was different, it worked. I had an amazing time, learned a lot and got to know great people."

Nicolai Posininsky

"Tobi's workshops are very structured and with a good plan. He explains everything and no question is left unanswered. With his tips and talks you can get better very fast. He is very passioned about his work and motivates the participants as well on a daily basis. I keep visiting his workshops because every time I join, I can learn something and get better. "

Lars von Ritter Zahony

"The workshops with Tobias definitely pushed my underwater-photo skills to a new level. He is positive, creative and always in a good mood. He motivates again and again and lures you out of your comfort zone. It's just fun to dive and work underwater with him."