7th - 14th May 2022 Aquanautic Elba - Elba, Italy

At the beautiful island of Elba in the Tuscany of Italy there will be a photoworkshop from the 7th to 14th of May 2022. Aquanautic Elba ist a perfect dive center to support diving and the photo workshop. We can individually plan the dives that we want to do that include reef, gogonian sea fans, ship and plane wrecks. So a lot of stuff to photograph underwater, no forgetting the beautiful marine life of the Mediterranean Sea, which also included nudibranchs. So don't forget your macro lens. :-)

Possible topics are:

- Basic underwater photography rules

- Using strobes underwater

- Camera settings

- How many strobes do I need?

- Finding the right perspectives

- How to make a nice light on corals

- Creative lighting in wrecks

- Split shots

- Whitebalance setup for ambiance shots and wrecks

- Correct setup and communication with models

- Choosing the right images and workflows

- Postproduction with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Each participant is addressed individually so that the skills can be guaranteed to improve. A DSLR or very good camera is not absolutely necessary for participation. Equipment can be borrowed after consultation. Compact camera owners, partners and non-photographers are also welcome, of course.

Minimum workshops participants: 5.

Questions: tobias (at) below-surface.com

Bookings: Aquanautic Elba

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Tobias Friedrich is not a travel agent and is not organizing the trips above. He is just offering the workshops. The trips need to be booked at the travel agents that are stated in the links.