12th - 19th of August 2023 NAD Resort - Lembeh, Indonesia

PHOTOWORKSHOP with Simon Lorenz from Insider Divers:

Want to advance your photography skills, learn how to shoot black backgrounds, how to work full manual, snoot, or backlighting. Or are you completely new to photography? This workshop suits all levels. We will also do Lightroom and Photoshop, introductions, basics as well as advanced training sessions. Learn from award-winning photographers Tobias Friedrich and Simon Lorenz everything you need to get better at your photography.

What place is better for photography training than Lembeh? Home to the rarest critters of the underwater world, you can lie comfortably in the sand while shooting Mimic Octopus, Wanderpus, Hairy Frogfish or Rhinopias, just to name a few.

Your Photo Coaches Tobias Friedrich and Simon Lorenz are professional underwater photographers and experienced photo coaches. They will aim to advance each photographers level of photography from where they are at the given moment.

Every day we will cover different topics for advanced and beginner photographers. The groups will be split according to interest and experience. In detail we will cover
- Basics: Framing, manual mode, lighting, strobe positioning,
- Digital: Lightroom and Photoshop, beginner and advanced
- Lighting: Advanced lighting techniques, snoot and background lighting
- Macro and Super-Macro
- Close Focus Wide Angle
- Artificial backgrounds ("disco bokeh") and other creative techniques

If conditions allow we will also offer wide angle on the outside of Lembeh Island as well as Black Water Diving.

For questions and bookings please sent me an email via the contact form or directly to tobias (at) below-surface.com

Bookings via: simon (@) insiderdivers.com

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